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Your Stay

We strive for patient satisfaction and making your experience at 7 STAR Super Speciality Hospital one of the best. We know that surgery is something that you don't necessarily want to do. So, to make your stay a little better and to make you feel more at home, we provide these ideal services to you.

In Room Entertainment
To further enhance your visit and help you feel more at home, we provide the latest in electronic entertainment. Depending on the choice of the patient a television in each patient room with cable connection, air conditioning and fridge.

Guests and Visitors
7 STAR Super Speciality Hospital recognizes that patients require rest and quiet time in order to enhance the recovery period. We value the concept of patient and family-centered care.
The hospital allows for an overnight guest of the patient's choice, unless the individual's presence infringes on others' rights, safety, or is medically or therapeutically contraindicated. The individual may or may not be the patient's surrogate decision maker or legally authorized representative. Visitors are welcome, but we do ask all guest and visitors to postpone visitation if they are under the weather or feeling ill.

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